Remembering Abdul Sattar Edhi

Hello guys how are you.
As we know that Allah sent us on this world for a limited time to worship for Him and to live a good and a brilliant life full of kindness and sympathy.

As everyone knows that world is full of different type of peoples. Some are good mannered and working for mankind while others are just to destroy the world.
Friends and followers Allah has not sent us just to waste our time here. We have to pray and worship and spend our life will full devotion and according to rules and regulations of Allah.
I am here today to talk about a person who spent his whole life to work for helping mankind. He devoted his whole life in helping poor people not only in Pakistan. He worked in the entire world.  He felt pain and trouble for every person who was exactly feeling it.
A true person who spread love and happiness.
A great personality, who was Abdul Sattar Edhi.
Today as we know that he is not with us but his hard work and love for mankind will be remembered till Day of Ju…

Most amazing facts about Salman Khan

Hello friends
How are you all there?

I hope you will be enjoying here and having a great day. So friends today I planned to write down facts about a famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan. These facts are true and describe well the story of this great Bollywood actor and I'm sure that you will also love it. Dear friends, Let's start our topic will a short introduction about this legend actor of the Bollywood.

Salman Khan is a well-known Bollywood actor who is famous for his various movies. His acting is marvelous and mind blowing and he is not only famous in India but also in other countries. He has worked in many movies and showed great performance. He played an amazing role in movies and made good acting. His complete name is Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan. He born on 27th December 1965. His father Salim Khan was a famous writer of Bollywood.
Dear friends, let's move ahead, now I will tell you the following facts about this legend actor.
Abdul Rashid Saleem S…

Jaane Jigar Jaaneman African Kumar Sanu and Pooja Sarkar


A historical visit to Kalar kahar

A historical visit to Kalar kahar
Assalam o alaikum friends.
I’m sure that all of you will be fine, happy and healthy. Friends last time I’ve posted a blog on my visit to Rohtas fort and I’m sure that all of you friends might have liked it. Here is the link of that blog.
I am here and looking my friends like Jean-beltran and Ninab who are posting their travelling stories which inspired me a lot. So I also decided to post my travelling tours and today I’ll tell you my travelling experience and some interesting facts about my visited point. But before I start my topic I want to tell you some benefits of travelling which is also my hobby. Benefits of travelling: Friends and Athens before we proceed with our topic we should take a look on following interesting benefits which we get from travelling to different places. Travelling increases our knowledge: Yes right as said! Traveling increases our knowledge about different places and we get to know about many new locations. We get history…

My Chakwal

A brief introduction to my city Chakwal
Hello there guys.
I’m fine and I hope that all of you will be fine and healthy there. Friends as you know that I belong to Pakistan and my city is chakwal here. So today I’m here with a brief introduction to my city. So let’s see first where chakwal on globe is. Location: Chakwal is 25 km away from M2 motorway from Balkasar interchange and it is 100 km away from Islamabad city. Chakwal is a district and it is known from 1857 as chakwal because a big group of Chaodhrials were belonging to chakwal. Chakwal is a beautiful city of northern Punjab of Pakistan.
Formal language of chakwal is Punjabi and other languages are dhani and pothohari. But Urdu is also well famous. Now let’s see some well known and famous places to be visited of chakwal city: Chakwal have many famous places which are inspired for visiting.
Kalar kahar:
A very well known and inspired place of chakwal situated in south 20 km away from city. This place is famous of …

History of Computers

A brief History of Computers
Hello guys… Today I’m here to discuss a brief introduction about computers and main features and history about it.
But before I describe my topic I personally want to introduce you about a computer. So let’s find out that what is meaning of a computer and what is its historical background.
What is a computer?
As I’ve read in my course books I want to describe about computer that computer is an electronic device which can calculate numerical values and we can get answers to our questions. Computer not only can tell us answers but it can also store and keep our data for a longer time. Friend’s computer was a great invention which changed our life thoroughly. Before this invention we were not expecting that we can save our data or we can get our answers from a device. Today computer changed our life thoroughly and made our life so fast that we do our duties with a single click. We can save a large amount of data with a single click and for a longer period. N…

14th August Day of Pakistan

Assalam o alaikum friends. How are you all?
I’m here while our national day is coming near on 14th august and my today’s topic is also related to my national day.
So friends today I want to describe some history and circumstances that were held on the occasion of independence of Pak India. Before I start my topic I want to tell you all the reasons which were occurred and made it curious for everyone to think for independence. Friends as we all know that there were two nations living in sub continent. Basic theory which caused Hindus and Muslims to be lived separately is described here. As we know as a Muslim our living style, way of worship is totally separate than other nations and our culture is also totally different from others so it is hard for us and anyone else nation to live with us.

Another reason for separation was stay of English government. English government was governing in India and neither Hindus nor Muslims were accepting there rules so that they decided that they…